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Cambridge Forum for Sustainability and the Environment

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The Forum aims to stimulate cross-disciplinary conversations about some of the great sustainability challenges the world faces in the future and the research pathways which will help to prepare for and address those challenges.

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Our focus

The overarching theme of the Forum is 'sustainability in an uncertain future' and we change topics each October. In our fourth year, we are focusing on connections between health, wellbeing and sustainability and we will be exploring different aspects of this area each term.

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How we work

Each month, the Forum brings together experts from across and outside Cambridge who are interested in sustainability and work in areas ranging from energy, biodiversity and food security to anthropology, architecture, history and economics.

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First topic: Sustainable cities

In 2013/2014, the Forum brought together a rich mixture of policy and decision-makers, technical experts and researchers to talk about where we live in cities, how we live and how we respond to change.

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Second topic: Land use change

Between October 2014 and June 2015, the Forum switched its focus to the land outside towns and cities and how that land is used to support people through agriculture, ecosystem services, and biodiversity.

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Research Horizons: Issue 22

The October 2013 issue focuses on sustainability and the environment.

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Research Horizons: Issue 30

In May this year, Research Horizons threw a spotlight on some of the University's latest research into Future Cities.

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Featured article: The Forum catalyzes a new EPSRC cities research programme

Discussions during the Forum's sustainable cities topic formed the basis of a new £4.1 million research programme on 'Managing Air for Green Inner Cities' (MAGIC). This 5 year project will be led by the University of Cambridge and is one of seven new EPSRC research programmes that aim to tackle some of the UK’s major science and engineering challenges.

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More news stories

Our final meeting of the term is on the 13th December and the CEO of Friends of the Earth will join the founder of the landscape architectural practice at Arup and the leader of the National Trust's national work on urban green spaces to explore the role that industry, policy and communities could play in shaping cities in ways that benefit people and the environment.

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We are pleased to announce that the second annual PhD Prize Fellowship competition for Future Cities 2017 is now open for applications (deadline 28th November).

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What is your vision of Cambridge is 2065? This is the question being ask in a Foresight-inspired report published last year, co-led by the Forum and the Centre for Science and Policy.

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