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Shaping our choices

Our overarching theme this year forges connections between health, wellbeing and sustainability. This meeting is the second in a series of three about diets and lifestyles and the panel of witnesses helped us to explore factors that shape and drive what people choose to eat.

Our first witness was Professor Martin White, a clinical academic who leads the food behaviours and public health interventions group at the Centre for Diet and Exercise Research (CEDAR), based within the MRC Epidemiology Unit at the University of Cambridge.

He will be joining Bee Wilson, a food journalist and historianwho is particularly interested in ways in which our experience as children shapes what we like and what we choose to eat, and Professor Charles Godfray, the Director of the Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food, who will help us to to put questions about choice in the context of health environment co-benefits of diet change.

To find out more about this theme or the meeting, please e-mail Dr Rosamunde Almond ().

Bee Wilson's recent book, FIRST BITE, draws on current research from both neuroscience and psychology, and her experience parenting three children and visiting numerous school canteens, as well as talking to dieticians, biologists and consumer researchers, to look at where our food habits come from; and what it would really take to change them for the better.

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