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Building up a picture

This term, we are focusing on food supply resilience. This is the second meeting in the series, and we will use examples provided by the witnesses to explore ways in which overlaying big data sets and remote sensing can assess and communicate risk and resilience in food supplies and changes in biodiversity. 

Our first witness is Dr Francois Kayitakire, a senior scientist at the Joint Research Center (JRC) in the Institute of Environment and Sustainability (IES) based in Ispra, Italy. He leads a team working on resilience and on food and nutrition security assessment within the Food Security (FOODSEC) Group which focuses on resilience measurement issues, food security assessment and classification methods, and on agricultural risk management in developing countries.

He will join Dr Matthew Smith, an ecologist working in the Computational Science Lab at Microsoft Research whose research focuses on demonstrating how the deployment of valuable new environmental information can benefit businesses and society. He also maintains research interests in predicting crop dynamics, carbon and vegetation, human responses to climate change, and ecosystem structure and function.

Our third witness is Craig Mills, the CEO of Vizzuality, a science and technology company focused on data visualization, web-GIS and tool development and committed to working on projects related to conservation, the environment and sustainable development. Current projects related to our topic include developing a new way to visualise forest data for the World Resources Institute and a joint research project with the Zeitz Foundation to explore how to use satellite data and mobile phones to help small scale farmers in Kenya improve their food productivity.


Before the meeting this month, the Forum is helping to co-host a workshop between members of the Joint Research Centre's Institute for Environment and Sustainability and people from across the University to explore areas of shared interested and pilot collaborative projects related to biodiversity and food security.

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