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The Forum intranet

The aim of this site is to help members of the Forum to share and access meeting notes, references and documents related to the Forum's monthly meetings.

It will contain documents such as:

  • Notes from each Forum meeting, including an executive summary, a brief overview and verbatim notes from the discussion

  • The audio recording of each meeting and depending on the quality of it, potentially the video as well

  • Key papers related to each of the Forum meetings, set to us by the witnesses to help to set the scene for the ideas they will be discussing

  • A schematic outlining the related research groups across the University and the interests of Forum membe

The Forum on the 21st October was the first meeting in the series and the aim of it was to help lay the foundation for the rest of the year by taking a global view of pressures and drivers of land use change and thinking about the types of questions we should be asking.

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