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Cambridge Forum for Sustainability and the Environment


The general theme of the Forum is 'sustainability in an uncertain future'. This theme will be used to frame a series of discussions during the Forum’s monthly meetings and seminars and outputs centred on some of the most pressing sustainability challenges we face in the future and the research pathways which would help to prepare for and address those challenges.

Our first topic was 'cities' and between October 2013 and June 2014, a selection of expert witnesses from inside and outside the University came to each meeting to provide their perspective on cities and to answer questions about the characteristics of a sustainable city and the governance systems needed to support them.

In October 2014, our focus shifted to a second topic - ‘Balancing biodiversity, energy, water and food security’, stimulating connections between three of the University’s Strategic Initiatives - Cambridge Conservation Initiative, the Global Food Security Initiative and Energy@Cambridge), and exploring the challenges we face as we place ever increasing and sometimes competing demands on our environment and the world in which we live.

By bringing together a rich mixture of policy- and decision-makers from governments and business, technical experts and researchers, we hope the Forum will generate fresh and innovative perspectives on some of the critical questions and sustainability challenges we face in the future.