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Dr Ross Cameron

Dr Ross Cameron

Senior Lecturer Landscape Management, Ecology & Design,

Department of Landscape, University of Sheffield


Ross Cameron is a landscape horticulturalist specializing in the use and value of landscape plants. His current research interests centre around green infrastructure and climate change mitigation, with a strong emphasis on providing recommendations on plant species choice with respect to eco-system function (city cooling, thermal insulation, flood tolerance, biodiversity enhancement, etc.). This includes currently supervising PhD projects on improving the thermal performance of buildings through appropriate plant selection e.g. on both green walls and green roofs.

He is also interested is also interested in the impacts of climate change on urban plantings and in identifying those plant species robust enough to tolerate urban conditions (both current and future), whilst meeting their specifications for performance. Recent studies include investigations into Mediterranean species that tolerate winter flooding, and how warmer autumns affect development of young ornamental trees. He recently co-authored a report sponsored by the RHS entitled 'Gardening in a Changing Climate'. Sustainable approaches underpin the work of his group and he reviewed the pros and cons of different management regimes in a book published last year entitled - Environmental Horticulture -Science and Management of Green Landscapes (Cameron & Hitchmough).


  • the use and value of landscape plants
  • plant-people relationships
  • climate change mitigation
  • plant adaptation to stress
  • green infrastructure
  • cities