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Professor Michael Batty

Professor Michael Batty

Professor of Planning, and Chairman, Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis,

Faculty of the Built Environment, University College, London (UCL)


Michael Batty is, by training, an architect-planner. He is currently Bartlett Professor of Planning (Emeritus) and Chairman of the Management Board of the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA). He has been at UCL since 1995 building up CASA as an interdisciplinary centre focussed on the development of mathematical and computer methods in geographical information science, urban and regional modelling, and the scientific theory of cities. His most recent book The New Science of Cities is published by MIT Press (2013)


  • the scientific theory of cities
  • planning, particularly transport and infrastructure
  • networks
  • the development of computer models of cities and regions
  • geographical information science, urban and regional modelling