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Dr Amanda Talhat

Dr Amanda Talhat

Materials and Process Chemist,



Amanda completed her undergraduate in Natural Sciences (Chemistry) at Cambridge in 2010. She then switched over to Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology for her PhD, and studied cocoa butter crystallisation in collaboration with Nestlé PTC York. Upon finishing her PhD in 2014, she joined Cambridge Consultants as a Technology Analyst in the Strategy, Innovation and Process group. She was later transferred to the Analytical Engineering Group to help build the Applied Chemistry capability of the division. She currently works at Pepsico as a Materials and Process Chemist. Her main area of focus is to build up the Physical Chemistry / Chemical Engineering capability of the Analytical Team, and to help drive innovation via experimental research. Amanda has worked on both consulting and technical projects ranging from Food & Beverage to Industrial Applications.


  • materials chemistry
  • chocolate production
  • driving innovation via experimental research