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Based in Brussels, Ariel Brunner is Head of EU Policy at the environmental NGO BirdLife International. In recent years, he has led BirdLife's work on reform of the European Union common agriculture policy, better implementation of the EU rural development policy and advocating the sustainability of biofuels and bio-energy policies. Before moving to Brussels he followed the implementation of EU nature conservation legislation in Italy and was instrumental in the designation of the country's special protection areas network (sites protected under the EU Wild Birds Directive).

Born in Israel, he holds an MSc in Environmental Sciences from Milan University and he speaks Italian, English, Spanish, French, as well as Hebrew.

Head of EU Policy,
BirdLife International, based in Brussels
 Ariel  Brunner
Not available for consultancy


Person keywords: 
nature conservation
agriculture and fisheries
bioenergy and the sustainable deployment of renewable energy
EU policies relevant to biodiversity and conservation
conservation funding