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Since 1 May 2014 Beatrix has taken up the role of Director of Innovation and Impact at BAS, while retaining 10% employment with the University to facilitate collaborative R&D and optimal use of the BAS-UCAM Innovation Centre.

Beatrix' role in the Department of Plant Sciences is to facilitate interaction between industry and research carried out in the department as well as outreach activities. In her role as the Cambridge-based staff member of the InCrops Project, she supports companies in the East of England in taking up low-carbon solutions based on plant materials. As one of the University's Enterprise Champions, she represents the Department at Cambridge Enterprise, and provides a link to the Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning. She coordinates CambPlants, an initiative that provides an umbrella for activities across Cambridge University with relevance to plants as contributors to food, energy, materials, health and ecosystem services. As part of this, she also coordinates the Cambridge Bioenergy Initiative, a consortium working on sustainable bioenergy solutions, and convenes the Cambridge Partnership for Plant Sciences, a forum that brings together plant-related companies and research institutes in the area to facilitate efficient knowledge transfer between academic research and industrial application.

Director of Innovation and Impact,
British Antarctic Survey
Dr Beatrix  Schlarb-Ridley
Not available for consultancy


Person keywords: 
ways in which plants contribute to food, energy, materials, health and ecosystem services
sustainable bioenergy solutions
low-carbon solutions based on plant materials
facilitating interactions between industry and research