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Dr John Mullett is currently working to achieve a significant increase in the treatment and reuse of organic waste materials, including human sewage, in hot low income countries.  He is a founder director of a non-profit company, Sustainable OneWorld Technologies CIC.  The organisation works with partners to bring new low cost options for sanitation, biogas and biofertiliser production.  He is currently involved in projects in Malawi, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia and Tanzania.  The latter project is in association with the Cambridge Development Initiative (CDI), a Cambridge University volunteering organisation.  John is also a Trustee of CDI. 

John has formerly worked as the organic waste recycling manager for one of the largest waste management companies in the world and, whilst working for this company, was responsible for the design, construction and management of organic waste recycling projects in 28 countries.

He has started and managed his own company in the UK which has built recycling plants using both composting and anaerobic digestion processes on mixed and segregated waste streams.  Two of these projects are now delivering upgraded biogas into the UK’s natural gas grid.

The development of innovative technology relating to biological processes within a commercial context is of particular interest. 

John has a Botany Degree from Durham University and a PhD from Liverpool University.  His research was joint between the Departments of Botany and Industrial Studies and was centred on algae. He followed this research with a post doc which investigated commercial uses for algae.


Key words

Sustainable renewable energy

Organic waste capture, treatment and reuse

Capture of plant nutrients from waste

Development in low-income countries 

Founder and Director
SOWTech (Sustainable OneWorld Technologies) CIC
Dr John  Mullett
Not available for consultancy