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Ed Barsley is a specialist in environmental design in architecture. He is currently undertaking a PhD researching flood
resilient architecture and masterplanning at the University of Cambridge within the Centre for Risk in the Built Environment (CURBE). In 2012 he worked for BACA Architects on the TSB funded Climate Adaptive Neighbourhoods (CAN) project.

Prior to this he completed an MPhil in Environmental Design in Architecture at Cambridge where he received a distinction for his work on strategies for resilience to flooding in coastal settlements.  During his career, he has lived and worked in both China, Denmark, India and the UK. He is president of Architecture Sans Frontiers in Cambridge and has experience at a variety of scales from master planning to 1:1 building construction.

For more details about his MPhil project, please follow this link to the Cambridge Design Research Studio.

PhD student, Centre for Risk in the Built Environment (CURBE),
Department of Architecture, University of Cambridge
 Ed  Barsley
Not available for consultancy


Person keywords: 
climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies
environmental sustainability
flood risk management
design research and environmental design