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Cambridge Forum for Sustainability and the Environment



Lizzie was Acting Executive Secretary while Rosamunde was on maternity leave between February and September 2016 and she concentrated on output from the Forum meetings.

She is a marine ecologist, recently a post-doctoral researcher at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia, where she studied connectivity in coral reef fish. She is affiliated with the Conservation Research Group in Zoology. Her research interests span community ecology, marine reserves and fisheries. Prior research includes the neutral theory (Cambridge) and trait ecology (Sheffield).

She has experience in environmental impact assessment of the energy sector, reporting for the Convention on Biological Diversity and designing ecological monitoring for marine reserves.

She completed her MA in Biological Sciences (with Anthropology) and DPhil (Zoology) at Oxford University, where she assessed the effectiveness of marine reserves in Tanzania.

Acting Executive Secretary of the Forum, focusing on outputs (maternity cover between February and September 2016)
Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP), University of Cambridge
Dr Lizzie  Tyler
Not available for consultancy


Person keywords: 
coral reef ecology and conservation
marine ecology; how fish and invertebrate communities function
impacts of fishing, management practice and the energy sector on marine fauna
fisheries and conservation implementation in developing countries