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Emilija's first encounter of butterflies as an ecology undergraduate in 2008 lit her passion for nature. She then became a member of the Biology Students' Research Society in Macedonia, and of the Macedonian Ecological Society. Initially, she worked on butterfly diversity in Macedonia in the Lepideptora section of the students' society, of which she later became leader. She broadened her experiences in butterfly conservation through several projects in Macedonia. Additionally, she was a part of the Wildlife Monitoring and Research Team for the Balkan Lynx Recovery Program. She is very eager to contribute towards halting the unprecedented loss of biodiversity and its key drivers and the Conservation Leadership Masters course will help her develop corresponding practical skills and strategies needed to create conservation solutions to environmental problems.

Student on the MPhil in Conservation Leadership course,
Department of Geography, University of Cambridge
 Emilija  Bozhinovska
Not available for consultancy


Person keywords: 
determining the drivers of biodiversity loss
biodiversity conservation, particularly butterfly conservation
developing conservation solutions to environmental problems