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Dr Gemma Cranston works within the Natural Capital Leaders Platform at CISL, which brings together influential companies with a global reach to work on addressing the impacts of natural capital loss and degradation on business, their customers and wider society. She is leading projects focusing upon externality valuation and water risk. Gemma’s valuation work has culminated in a suite of resources, including practical guidance around how to undertake an evaluation of the un-costed environmental impacts from business. This resulted in an online Tool, the first of its kind, that guides users through the evaluation process for environmental externalities.

Prior to CISL, Gemma was the Lead Scientist at Global Footprint Network leading projects out of the Geneva office as well as supporting the organisation’s Research and Standards Department by contributing to research on the Ecological Footprint methodology and applications.

Gemma has co-authored and shaped a variety of innovative projects, including ‘E.Valu.A.Te’: the Externality Valuation Assessment Tool; the ‘E-RISC’ project on the inclusion of environmental risk in sovereign bond assessment; and ‘Innovation through Collaboration’ on water stewardship.

Gemma completed her Ph.D. focusing upon Ecological Footprints in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bath, UK. She also holds a Masters of Aerospace Engineering from the same institution.

Acting Director, Natural Resource Security Portfolio,
Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)
Dr Gemma  Cranston
Not available for consultancy


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externality valuation and water risk
natural capital
the impacts of natural capital loss and degradation on business, their customers and wider society