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Grant is the Systems Integrator researcher on the Foreseer project, a cross-departmental project which examines current and future interactions between the supply and demand of regional energy, land and water resources. These interactions result in constraints on development and adaptation which inform long term planning and policy making.

Previously he was the Director of the Energy@Cambridge Initiative bringing together the activities of over 250 academics and crossing formal departmental and discipline boundaries to tackle technical and intellectual challenges in energy.

Grant has a background in nuclear engineering, technologies for energy storage, and technology policy issues, particularly those related to risk and resilience.

PhD Student and Project Manager of the Foreseer Project,
Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge
 Grant  Kopec
Not available for consultancy


Person keywords: 
scenario modelling, particularly the integration of energy, water and land resource systems and regional energy flows
technologies for energy storage
technology policy issues, particularly those related to risk and resilience
nuclear engineering