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Gunel completed her undergraduate degree in Pharmacy at Medical University in Azerbaijan before undertaking a Master’s degree in Medical Genetics at the University of Glasgow. She is currently working on her PhD project under supervision of Dr Cahir O’Kane at the Department of Genetics, University of Cambridge. Her current research focuses on identification of novel autophagy genes that ameliorate neurotoxicity in inherited brain diseases such as Huntington’s disease and spinocerebellar ataxias.

Gunel is interested in understanding the sustainability issues our society and planet has to face today and in the future.  She has previously taken part in a project related to improving food security in Africa organised by Cambridge Humanitarian Center. 

She is currently undertaking an internship with the Centre for Science and Policy (CSaP) in Cambridge to understand how academic experts can contribute to resolving high-priority public policy issues.

PhD student in Genetics
Department of Genetics, University of Cambridge
 Gunel  Huseynova
Not available for consultancy


Person keywords: 
food and energy security
polyglutamine diseases such as Huntington’s disease (this family of neurodegenerative conditions all derive from a CAG triplet repeat expansion in a specific gene)