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Henry is a member of the Environmental and Industrial Fluid Dynamics research group in DAMTP and he has just started a post-doc at the Centre for Natural materials Innovation.

Led by Michael Ramage from the Deaprtment of Architecture, together with Paul Linden(DAMTP), Beatrix Schlarb-Ridley (Plant Sciences and the British Antarctic Survey), Paul Dupree (Department of Biochemistry) and Oren Scherman  (Department of Cheminstry), this five-year, £1.75 million Research Programme Grant from the Leverhulme Trust will bring together scientists, engineers, and architects to develop new natural materials capable of providing a renewable and energy-efficient alternative to traditional manufactured materials.  He will work on aspects of the project related to natural building ventilantion. This builds on work he did during his PhD at Imperial College where he focused on enhancing the fundamental understanding of fountains, specifically examining their dynamics to maximum rise-height and their subsequent variations about the steady-state heights. 

Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Centre for Natural Material Innovation,
Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics,
University of Cambridge
Dr Henry  Burridge
Not available for consultancy


Person keywords: 
the transport of heat and mass by convective processes
the modification and use of natural materials for use in buildings