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Dr Henry Ssebuliba Busulwa is a CAPREx (Cambridge-Africa Partnership for Research Excellence) Fellow in 2014/2015, collaborating with Dr Mark Winterbottom in the Faculty of Education.

He is visiting Cambridge from Makerere University, Uganda and while he is here, his research is focused on developing a new science education curriculum to promote sustainability, ecology and the environment. This project has come about as East African states mainly rely on exploitation of natural resources as means to support livelihood. The main way to learn sustainable use of natural resources is through biology lessons, even if learners do not opt to continue with biology related disciplines as their professional careers. The current resource materials used in teaching inadequately addresses issues that deal with the biodiversity loss, environmental degradation and climate chance. This research project, with reference to the literature resources available at the University of Cambridge, will develop a biology resource book that enhances teaching and learning with the aim of addressing challenges of environmental degradation, habitat loss and climate change.

CAPREx (Cambridge-Africa Partnership for Research Excellence) Fellow,
from Makerere University, Uganda
Dr Henry Ssebuliba Busulwa
Not available for consultancy


Person keywords: 
developing educational materials related to sustainability, ecology and the environment
addressing challenges of environmental degradation, habitat loss and climate change