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Jamie's PhD seeks to investigate the influence of outdoor neighbourhood spaces on positive mental health. It is proposed that a variety of outdoor space typologies i.e. allotments, children's play, cemeteries, piazzas, amenity green space, natural green space - may enable and motivate a range of activities associated with flourishing (feeling good and functioning effectively).

Jamie's background includes 6 years working as an urban designer across the UK. However, during his time in practice, it was discovered that, since the Victorian's and despite communities expressing preferences to the contrary; most neighbourhoods built in the UK have lacked a variety of good quality outdoor space. The research seeks to contribute evidence of the saltogenic impact of the public realm on mental health.

A PhD student,
Cambridge Wellbeing Institute and the Department of Architecture, University of Cambridge
 Jamie  Anderson
Not available for consultancy


Person keywords: 
urban design
green spaces in cities