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Jean-Michel Terres is an agronomist with long-standing experience in impact of farming practices on the environment. He is leading the JRC project AGRI-ENV, which supports Commission services and Member State administrations in understanding the inter-relations between agriculture and the environment and thus provides sound scientific knowledge to assist with policy implementation and review.

He has also contributed to the IRENA project (Indicator Reporting on the Integration of environmental Concerns into Agricultural Policy) as well as to some methodological development of indicators selected for the CMEF (Common Monitoring and Evaluation Framework). Jean-Michel is involved in CAP agri-environmental evaluation, using tools such as the CAPRI model or more recently farm-level tools such as IFM-CAP. He is also participating to the steering committee of the EU FLINT project, building farm level indicators for policy assessment. He has also an excellent knowledge of the CAP agri-environmental evaluation requirements. Jean-Michel is also involved in assessing Member States delineation of Areas with Natural Constraints (ex LFA).

Scientific Officer in the Monitoring Agricultural Resources (MARS) Unit, Institute of Environment and Sustainability (IES),
European Commission’s Joint Research Center (JRC) in Ispra, Italy
 Jean-Michel  Terres
Not available for consultancy


Person keywords: 
food security
environmental assessment
certification of agricultural crops
the development of farm-tools for policy assessment
footprint calculation