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Judith Floor is a visiting PhD at the department of Geography in Cambridge until June 5th, coming from the Environmental Policy group of the Wageningen university in the Netherlands. Her research concentrates around conflict situations between conservation and economical activities in the context of the European Natura 2000 regulations and collaborations in the context of nature restoration.

Up to now, she has studied the role of scientists in the cockle fisheries and gas mining controversies that became political connected in 2004 with a ban on mechanical cockle fishery and the permission of gas mining. Furthermore, she analysed the role of uncertainties in legal debates over the assessment of 'significant effect' under the European Bird and Habitat directives. For this, she perceived the legal term ‘significant effect’ as a boundary object between scientists, nature organisations and the government in the controversies of mussel seed fishery and a planned powerboat race. Her research showed that value differences became absorbed in debates over ecological knowledge. Currently, she analyses the case of sea grass (Zostera marina) restoration in the Dutch Wadden Sea. After a period of small research projects the restoration effort increased in 2011 when a nature organisation aimed to restore sea grass to create a climate change buffer. To show the dynamic process in which meaning is given to the nature restoration, she focuses on the perceptions of sea grass re-introduction by nature organisations, governmental organisations and researchers. The last research project of her PhD will be analysing the use of the adaptive management concept in three cases around mussels in the Wadden Sea.

PhD title - Nature conservation of the Dutch Wadden Sea: the role of science-policy interactions

Visiting PhD student at the Geography Department, University of Cambridge and a PhD student at the Environmental Policy group at Wageningen University in the Netherlands
 Judith  Floor
Not available for consultancy


Person keywords: 
conflicts between conservation and economic activities, particularly in the context of the European Natura 2000 regulations
interactions between science and policy
biodiversity conservation