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Keith Richard of Emeritus Professor of Geography and most of his research is conducted within the thematic group dealing with Environmental Systems and Processes, particularly the Terrestrial and Coastal Environments Theme. It has been fairly wide-ranging, from glacial hydrology to arid zone hydrology via studies of fluvial processes in small Alpine braided rivers to large Himalayan rivers. The "water" group has been innovative in using terrain modelling methods, photogrammetry, computational fluid dynamics and discrete element modelling in the investigation of hydraulic, sediment transport and channel morphology in studying fluvial, hillslope and basin-scale processes. An additional interest has been the interaction of fluvial, hydrological and ecological processes in floodplain environments, including the roles of channel migration dynamics as a control of floodplain biodiversity, the roughness effects of woody riparian vegetation, and hydrological influences on floodplain ecology.

Emeritus Professor of Geography,
Department of Geography, University of Cambridge
Professor Keith  Richards
Not available for consultancy


Person keywords: 
environmental science and policy
governance and environmental systems
river management and river and floodplain restoration
glacial hydrology
water resource management and water-energy-land resource interactions (the so-called "nexus")