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Linda's PhD contributes to the management of the existing and future indoor overheating risk, incurred in a heterogeneous urban landscape; a landscape whose characteristics changes with time, in an unpredictable world. Her research develops and tests a building adaptation decision-making framework that informs indoor overheating mitigation strategies. The generic framework attends to the process of generating, exploring, and tracking the complex causal and solution space that characterises the indoor overheating phenomenon over a 50 to 100-year time horizon. The study demonstrates how the cities of the future can anticipate and mitigate overheating risk through design and space use.

Graduate student in The Martin Centre for Architectural and Urban Studies,
Department of Architecture, University of Cambridge
 Linda  Nkatha Gichuyia
Not available for consultancy


Person keywords: 
indoor overheating risk and climate change
system dynamics modelling
uncertainty and sensitivity analysis
building performance Analysis
indoor thermal comfort