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Liz is a Research Associate at the Engineering Department at the University of Cambridge.  She is currently working on the water aspects of the Foreseer tool, a visualisation tool that analyses coupled resource systems with particular reference to interlinking pathways of water, energy and land use. She is particular interested in the interactions and connections between water and other resources in particular land and energy.

Before joining the University of Cambridge, Liz received a PhD from the University of York in 2011 in Environmental Management and Economics where she developed a combined hydrological and economic model to test the effectiveness of different water policies in Mediterranean countries.  Previous to starting her academic career, she worked as an environmental consultant for four years, where she was in charge of coordinating several environmental impact and strategic environmental assessments for major infrastructure projects.

Research Associate in the Low Carbon Material Group,
Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge
Dr Liz  Curmi
Not available for consultancy


Person keywords: 
climate change
water use and flow
modelling, including the BP FORSEER model
resource dynamics