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Rodah was inspired by nature through the abundant biodiversity in her country, Kenya. She studied for a BSc in Environmental Health at Kenyatta University. She then joined the BirdLife International Africa Secretariat office, after which she pursued a MSc in Environmental Studies, also at Kenyatta, focusing on climate change and its impacts on biodiversity. During her tenure at BirdLife Africa, she was engaged in a number of conservation projects and gathered a wide experience of conservation campaigns, appeals, project development, research and implementation of adaptive frameworks to climate change. Notably, she helped develop the 2012 status and trends report for biodiversity in the Eastern Arc Coastal Forests of Kenya and Tanzania in sites that had REDD+ projects. She then worked at Nature Kenya (The East Africa Natural History Society) to help build a constituency of members to support conservation efforts in Kenya, a role that included interactions with the private sector as well as members of the public. Kenya is currently implementing a new devolved system of governance that will have a huge impact on natural resources. The Masters in Conservation Leadership will therefore mould me to be a competent conservation leader with the capacity to guide conservation actions from national to global levels.

Student on the MPhil in Conservation Leadership course,
Department of Geography, University of Cambridge
 Rodah Owako Okeyo
Not available for consultancy


Person keywords: 
the impacts of climate change on biodiversity
policy and the governance of natural resources
the status and trends in biodiversity, particularly in the Eastern Arc Coastal Forests of Kenya and Tanzania
biodiversity conservation