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Professor Steve Evans

Professor Steve Evans

Director of Research in Industrial Sustainability,

Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge

Office Phone: +44 (0) 1223 339815


Steve Evans spent 12 years in industry, rising to become Engineering Systems Manager at Martin-Baker Engineering, the world leading manufacturer of ejection seats. His industrial experience led to an emphasis on improving engineering performance and provided an excellent grounding for tackling complex, real-life problems.

Steve has over 20 years of academic experience which includes working collaboratively with leading industrial and academic institutions from around the globe and supervising over 120 PhD. and MSc. students at Cranfield. His research seeks a deep understanding of how industry develops solutions that move us towards a sustainable future.

He has observed that each sector (and each company in it) is only unique in the particular details which hold it back from better performance. The common issues (including lack of innovation, limited collaboration, poor performance management) can benefit from structured responses. Steve has helped organisations create and implement such structured responses to resolve a variety of problems. He has lead, or co-lead, the first UK EPSRC research projects in the fields of Concurrent Engineering, Co-development and Eco-design and is the Director of the new EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Industrial Sustainability. 


  • cars with water for exhaust that do 300mpg (equivalent)
  • sustainable design and operations for mainstream car manufacturers
  • sustainable factories
  • food systems for people with reduced access to food
  • how industry develops solutions that move us towards a sustainable future
  • sustainable city re-generation design