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Tim looks at the impact of vegetation dynamics on the global carbon cycle in Dynamic Global Vegetation Model (DGVM) such as Hybrid in comparison to field observations. Additionally, his broader research interests are in Earth system science, ecology and human interactions with ecosystems.

Tim is also part of the transformation cluster of the Heinrich Böll Foundation, which is interested in the transformational process towards a completely sustainable society. Futhermore, he has served as a member of the youth commissions of the "Atelier de la terre" contributing towards reports about climate change negotiations.

His current PhD research is based around constructing, validating and using context-specific computer models to determine the impact of ecological processes and atmosphere-biosphere feedbacks on global cycles of carbon, water and nitrogen. For his PhD thesis, he is focusing on the impact of changes in mortality and recruitment rates and emergent vegetation dynamics globally. Vegetation dynamics are validated by comparison of Permanent Sampling Plot (PSP) and inventory data with Hybrid, a Dynamic Vegetation Model (DGVM).

Further he has worked on computational models of individual tree growth and viking migration.

PhD student
Department of Geography, University of Cambridge
 Tim Tito  Rademacher
Not available for consultancy


Person keywords: 
ecophysiology, plant ecology and biosphere-atmosphere interactions
terrestrial vegetation dynamics, global cycles of matter and energy
earth system science