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Cambridge Forum for Sustainability and the Environment


A criminologist, a political economist, a civil engineer and a climate scientist helped stimulate discussions about innovative ways that future cities could adapt to the challenges facing them.

 Stephen  Aldridge
Director for Analysis and Innovation
Department for Communities and Local Government
Professor Ash  Amin
1931 Chair in Geography,
University of Cambridge
 Jo  da Silva
Arup International Development
Dr Craig  Davies
Senior Manager, Climate Change Adaptation, Energy Efficiency and Climate Change
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Professor Marcial  Echenique
Emeritus Professor of Land Use and Transport Studies,
Department of Architecture, University of Cambridge
 Kirsten  Henson
KLH Sustainability
Professor Frank  Kelly
Professor of the Mathematics of Systems,
Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics,
The Master of Christ's College,
University of Cambridge
 Mark  Kleinman
Director, Economic and Business Policy
Greater London Authority (GLA)
 Lawrie  Robertson
Professor Laurence  Sherman
Director of the Institute and Wolfson Professor of Criminology,
The Institute for Criminology, University of Cambridge