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Dr Ying Jin

Dr Ying Jin

University Lecturer (sabbatical leave 2014-15),

Department of Architecture, University of Cambridge


Ying Jin lectures on city planning, urban design, and urban modelling.  He is particularly interested in understanding how technology, policy and human behaviour affect the development of cities and their infrastructure, and in using this knowledge for creating new design solutions.

His main research interests are computer models of cities, and urban history.  He has extensive industry experience and directed multi-disciplinary teams in building and using computer models as experimental platforms to appraise policy scenarios that involve investment, regulation, pricing and promotional campaigns.  Key projects include strategic planning of London and surrounding regions, sub-regional and local planning in the English Midlands, transport and energy scenarios for the European Union, and long term city region and transport plans in China and in South America.  His interests in urban history lie mainly with the European Renaissance cities and the Chinese cities since the Tang Dynasty in the 7th Century.

Dr Jin leads urban modelling under the University’s Energy Efficient Cities Initiative to create a new generation of conceptual and practical urban and regional models.  These models are used to assess novel designs of buildings, transport and energy supply networks, and to identify effective solutions for reducing overall energy use whilst supporting economic, social and environmental objectives.  He is a co-Investigator at the Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction in the University of Cambridge, and for the Tsinghua-Cambridge-MIT collaborative Low Carbon Urban Design project.  He has been the lead convenor of the annual Symposia on Applied Urban Modelling since 2011.


  • urban history
  • computer models of cities
  • how technology, policy and human behaviour affect the development of cities
  • city planning and design