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Dr Britt Baillie

Dr Britt Baillie

Affiliated Lecturer: Division of Archaeology

Research Member, Centre for Urban Conflicts Research,

University of Cambridge


Dr. Britt Baillie is and Affiliated Lecturer at the Division of Archaeology, University of Cambridge; an AHRC funded Early Career Researcher on the Cambridge Community Heritage Project and a Researcher Fellow at VU University Amsterdam (Cultural Landscapes and Urban Environments Centre). Previously, she was a Post-Doctoral Research Associate on the Conflict in Cities and the Contested State ESRC funded research project and a Post-Doctoral Researcher on the AHRC/NWO funded Landscapes of War, Trauma and Occupation project. She is also one of the coordinators of the Cambridge Heritage Research Group and the Director of Studies for Archaeology and Anthropology at Peterhouse. 

Dr. Baillie completed her PhD in Archaeology and Heritage Management at the Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge. Her thesis title was 'The Wounded Church: War, Destruction and Reconstruction of Vukovar's religious heritage'. She features in National Geographic's documentary entitled: 'Viking Apocalypse' in which she explores the fate of 54 beheaded skeletons found in a mass-grave in Dorset, UK.

Britt Baillie's current research interest include: the politicization of cultural heritage, memory and identity, religious uses and concepts of space, and theories of destruction. Her work with Conflict in Cities focuses on the changing landscape of East Jerusalem. Her other work focuses on heritage management in Cambodia and the Former-Yugoslavia.


  • conflict and the changing landscape of East Jerusalem
  • the politicization of cultural heritage
  • theories of destruction
  • religious uses and concepts of space
  • memory and identity