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Cambridge Forum for Sustainability and the Environment

 Tom  Armour
Global Landscape Architecture Leader,
Dr Dimitris  Ballas
Senior Lecturer,
Department of Geography, University of Sheffield
 Craig  Bennett
Friends of the Earth (England, Wales and Northern Ireland)
Professor Matthew  Gandy
Professor of Cultural and Historical Geography,
Department of Geography, University of Cambridge
Dr Scott  Hosking
Climate Scientist in the Atmosphere, Ice and Climate team,
British Antarctic Survey
Dr Michael  Obersteiner
Program Director of the Ecosystems Services and Management (ESM) Program,
International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) in Laxenburg, Austria
 Laurie  Parma
Researcher based within the Policy Research Group,
Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge
Dr Peeter  Pärt
Advisor in Environment and Human Health Interactions,
Joint Research Centre (JRC), European Commission
Professor Sumantra  Ray
Founding Chair and Executive Director of the NNEdPro Global Centre for Nutrition and Health,
Senior Medical Advisor and Head of the Volunteer Studies and Clinical Services Facility,
MRC Elsie Widdowson Laboratory, University of Cambridge
 Ellie  Robinson
Assistant Director of External Affairs,
National Trust
Dr Marco  Springmann
James Martin Fellow, Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food,
Post-doctoral Researcher, Department of Population Health,
Oxford University
 Bee  Wilson
A food writer, journalist and historian