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Mukesh Kumar is leading research in the areas of risk and resilience in international manufacturing and supply networks. Mukesh's main research and practice interests are in the areas of risk and resilience in emerging and developed industrial systems. He has developed risk management processes for global manufacturing investment decisions and supply networks. Before joining the University of Cambridge, Mukesh’s previous roles were in the financial sector as a senior analyst and corporate finance consultant. He holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge in the area of Manufacturing Investment Risk.

He is currently working on various projects related to supply chain risk and resilience and involved in masters’ thesis supervisions and teaching (DTC cohorts, teaching involvement in ISMM, MET and CPSL courses / seminars for industrial executive). Additionally, he is member of the CUED PostDoc- academic committee and the faculty board.

Research Associate in the International Manufacturing group,
Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge
Dr Mukesh  Kumar
Not available for consultancy


Person keywords: 
differences between emerging and mature industrial systems
issues of food supply chains linked with food security
understanding supply chain risk and resilience