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Simon Patterson

Simon Patterson

Content Writer for the Forum


Simon is a content editor and freelance writer. From early 2016 he has been supporting the Forum by editing and writing reports and summaries that capture the discussion from each meeting, highlighting the key points of interest.

He also provides editing support for academic work in a range of topics including engineering, social sciences, architecture, history and film, along with creative writing editing. 

Simon originally studied English Literature, completing a Masters at the University of Leicester. Now he specialises in Medieval Icelandic studies and has a second Masters from the University of Iceland. He is finishing a PhD with the Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic. His research explores the role of prophecy as a literary device in the Icelandic Sagas and the interaction between orality and literacy. 

He is also working the Cambridge Summer Music Festival on content writing, advertising and administration. 


  • medieval Icelandic studies
  • communication and outreach