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Drivers of demand

In October, we started to think about overlaps between biodiversity, energy and food security and the three witnesses joining us this month helped us to think about some of the pressures from the demand side including economics, politics and health.

Professor Ian Bateman, Professor of Environmental Sciences at the University of East Anglia came to help us to think about how to bring the environment into everyday decision making, both at the highest level, by informing government policy, and at the supermarket checkout by ensuring that prices reflect the true resource costs of production.

He joined Bojana Bajželj who leads the land use components of the BP FORSEER modelling project in the Department of Engineering who has been exploring linkages between our diet, food security and climate change and Professor Theresa Marteau, the Director of the Behaviour and Health Research Unit (the Department of Health funded policy research unit in behaviour and health), who is particularly interested in our diets, the choices consumers make and their health.

To help to set the scene for their introductions, they sent us some background papers links to press releases and articles about them are next to the photos.